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Tom McConnell, Program Leader The Small Farm Center, under the WVU Extension Service, was founded in 2009 and strives to increase the farmer’s bottom line by helping him or her retain more of the dollar spent on food in his or her community.

We host several conferences throughout the year to bring professionals and experts in certain topic areas to share their knowledge with small farmers who seek to expand their existing operation or try something new.

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Horticulture Winter Leafy Greens Meeting

There will be a leafy greens meeting/workshop in one week on December 15, at WVU Kearneysville Research & Education Farm, from 1-4pm.

Learn about cold-tolerant lettuce cultivars, planting schedules for winter crops, row cover management, harvest & postharvest handling for institutions/wholesale markets, and spinach planting, harvest and postharvest handling.


Contact Lewis Jett at Lewis.Jett@mail.wvu.edu for more information.

2017 West Virginia Small Farm Conference

Early Registration is now available

Processed foods travel more miles than the average person knows. WVU Extension Service is looking to change that by helping the state’s 21,000 farmers reach a wider consumer base.

On this page we hope you will find the information that you seek, or at least a phone number or email to contact us for help.

Facts about Small Farms

Local Foods and Small Farms …

… can be more nutritious
… bring communities together
… can be safer to eat
… keep money in communities

Small Farm Advocate Newspaper

The Small Farm Center offers to the public their Small Farm Advocate newspaper. Inside, you will find articles about small grains, aquaculture, the Market Garden at Jackson’s Mill and many other timely topics.

Read past issues of the Advocate here